Packages and Prices


to view the packages we can offer you and their respective values in EURO.


IDC from 1.-14. February (IE in Tofo 16-17 February)

IDC from 1.-14. June (IE in Tofo 15-16 June)

IDC from 12.-25. October (IE in Tofo 26-27 October)

LIQUID’S IDC SCHEDULE FOR 2020 (Not confirmed yet)

1st IDC 29th Feb – 13th Mar (IE in Tofo 14th – 15th Mar)

2nd IDC 16th – 29th May (IE in Tofo 30th – 31st May)

3rd IDC 1st – 14th Aug (IE in Tofo 15th – 16th Aug)

4th IDC 17th – 30th Oct (IE in Tofo 31st Oct – 1st Nov)

We are able to arrange an IDC anytime of the year if You would like to have a private one or one with your friends only. In this case the IE might NOT be possible in Tofo though. Please send us an email and let’s make a plan.


ONE WEEK – tuition and activities – for free!

Arrive one week in advance for IDC; get to know your new family, Tofo, and the dive sites. Dive for free, swim with whale sharks, practise skills, review theory, tie knots or just lay on the beach. What ever you choose, we’re here for you, ready to help, listen or just enjoy fun diving.